Charles Parker Weekly Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

We always wonder what the Sunday following Easter will be with all the emphasis on the Resurrection, Communion services, and of course the reunions and family get-togethers that traditionally are held around Easter.  Again, PHBC surprised me last Sunday with attendance.  We had three in the hospital and numerous members battling the flu plus County School spring breaks.  A wonderful crowd regardless of the circumstances.   Remember the next two Sundays; there will not lunch this 3rd  Sunday because Homecoming is 4th Sunday.  Brother Gregg Ford your former pastor who did such a great job in his years at PHBC is coming to do our Homecoming sermon.  Pray that God will use him in a great way to recharge our spiritual batteries.  This Sunday I will do the 2nd sermon in my series on questions Jesus asked.  This Sunday sermon’s title is DO YOU LOVE ME?  Do a little research and you will find who He asked this question and the situation at the time.  Sunday afternoon’s lesson will be THE POWER REPRESENTED WHEN JESUS SAID ‘I’.   Vacation Bible School is only a few weeks away and Eleanor needs more volunteers.  Give a week for work with our children and youth and God will richly bless you.   Make yourself available and Eleanor will have a place for you that is unfilled at this time.   All of our 5th Sunday offering this month will be credited toward a sanctuary expansion or building in the future.   I suspect that between the time I am writing this update and Sunday morning President Trump will have responded to the criminal murders of innocent people in Syria with poison gas that has been internationally outlawed since WWI.  And please note this took place only 40 miles from Israel. Should Syria attack Israel that way, then my friends you will be a participant in the apocalypse as told in the Book of Revelation.  Never stop praying for our Nation and its return to the Godly principles on which it was founded.

Charles R. Parker

Vice President for Development

The Baptist College of Florida