Charles Parker Weekly Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

Comey, McCabe, Pelosi, Colbert, Hillary, Lynch; is that enough bad news?  I can add more to make you happy if that is not enough!  How about some good news:  Jesus loves you!!!!!!  And I can prove it because there is a Book written about Him but the authors have not been on a book tour or all the TV networks.  You probably already have a copy somewhere around your house, for the good news read I John 4:16 in that Book.  You might want to read more, all the news about Him is good!  Let’s have a big day on our Homing Sunday as we welcome back Greg Ford our former pastor and his children.  Please remember the available parking and leaving the area in front of the church for our visitors.  Pray for all the people on our prayer list and those who have been in the hospital recently.   The last Sunday in April will be our special 5th Sunday building fund offering.  Our Nation and its leadership needs your prayers.  Watching the national news today and seeing the disrespect many are showing toward Mrs. Bush, a great Christian lady, regardless of your political posture show how far America has sunk.  I wish I could purchase many of them a ticket to the country they want to live in so if you hear of a movement toward that end please count me in.  Sunday service times will be the same except for no Evening service.  Please pray for me as I am assisting in the funeral Saturday afternoon in Malone of one of God’s finest laymen that I have ever had the privilege of working with.  May God bless all of you and meet your needs in a way that will bring Him honor and glory.

Charles R. Parker

Vice President for Development

The Baptist College of Florida