Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

We know summer has come when it rains in the morning and the temperature is 95 in the afternoon with a million South Georgia gnats.  Good old Southern weather.  Last Sunday was another great day and thanks to our baptismal service we had overflow attendance.  We missed having 100 in Sunday School by 3, WERE YOU ONE OF THE 3 THAN KEPT US FROM GETTING OVER 100 AGAIN??????  Remember 5th Sunday we have two special events.  First our entire offering goes to our building fund and that night we have a Southern Gospel music concert.  Both should receive your total support.  On August 6 on Sunday night April and Taylor with share with us pictures and stories of their mission trip to Uganda.  God brought them safely home and they have a story to tell.  Sunday morning I will be speaking on Eternal Security and Sunday evening I will be teaching on Angels.  It will not be a traditional sermon because I will be asking 25 questions about Angels and answering the question and using supporting scripture.  Continue to pray for America.  In my lifetime I have never seen our political situation as chaotic as it has become.  Remember, we can’t expect politicians to do what only God can do.  Pray II Chronicles 7:14 everyday and believe God for His answer.  Even though I am bi-vocational (only present on the weekends) I am proud that God sent me your way to pastor in these troubling times.

Charles R. Parker