Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,
Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and our mothers must be loved because we certainly had a packed house which included a lot of visitors.  No matter how many days are set aside to honor them, we can never express enough love and appreciation to that mother that spent 9 long months, summer or winter with us and still loved us.  Simple gifts that we handed out Sunday morning are just a token of how we feel about you all.  Southern Baptists were pretty adamant about women pastors or women deacons but most churches would be in deep trouble were it not for the good ladies that totally support what God wants to do in our churches.  Another reminder; VBS starts June 4 and we plan to have a door hanger on every home within 5 miles of the church.  There will be classes for every age so please promote it and bring your neighbors with you.  Sunday is our 3rd Sunday fellowship with lunch and yes there will be an after lunch service so stay awake and be in your pew.  Sunday morning my sermon is on the Doomsday Clock (currently set at 2 ½ minutes till midnight).  Sunday after lunch the subject will be the 10th Commandment which you remember is coveting.  Please help our security force make sure that all exit doors are locked after the service.  If you have cause to exit from one of the side doors please make sure it locks behind you.  Finally, please pray for our Nation.  If you read or watch our National news you know America is under siege.  Anarchy, socialism, communism, and plain old meanness is taking control of this country.  There is a total lack of trust in all the citadels of democracy and a total disregard for the laws of the land.  Washington D.C. is doing nothing but making it worse, our ONLY hope is that the Lord will intervene again in the life of this country.  (That is probably why the Lord is leading me to preach Sunday morning on The Doomsday Clock).  In the light of what is happening in our country I praise the Lord every day for PHBC and the good people that make it up.  Yes, I get irritated at how indifferent some Christians can be about Sunday School, Bible Study, and Church attendance but I had rather be at PHBC than any church in this country right now.  Expect great things from God and meet me in His House on His day.

Charles R. Parker