Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

It was a great Homecoming Day.  Usually a guest speaker on Homecoming will gush sweet platitudes, make everyone feel good and head out to a big meal.  Sunday was different.  I have heard Dr. Kinchen many times over the past 25 years in revival situations but I have never heard a better evangelistic sermon than Sunday morning and it was on Homecoming, what an appropriate blend of message.  Our overflow was much better handled in the social hall even though we are still evolving in how to make people seated in the social hall feel a part of the sanctuary service.  Work with us and we will work out the kinks with sound, music, etc.  The meal was a typical PHBC outstanding feast.  My appreciation to the great cooks, talented decorators, and the always faithful cleanup people.  We are now one month away from VBS and everyone should be inviting the friends and neighbor’s children to come and enjoy this week with us.  I don’t know any other church where VBS in a 12 month preparation process and it shows in the success that we have.  Many of you really pour your hearts into this effort and God will richly bless you for your work.  Please be reminded that our offering this Sunday will go toward our future building plans.  Our past 5th Sunday offerings have been outstanding in the past and this Sunday will be something of a test for us to see how interested we are in the future of our Church.  In our Bible there have been several times where the Spirit of God literally exploded on the people (giving of the 10 Commandments, Day of Pentecost, the Assentation, etc.) so this Sunday morning I am preaching on; Explode on us, O Lord, and Sunday evening the lesson is “How Long will I live”!  Would you join with me in prayer that God will start a movement in our hearts Sunday that will take us to a new level in our commitment to Him and our telling His story to the world?  I am depending on you, you always come through and I am proud to be at PHBC when God is moving as He is now.

Charles R. Parker
Vice President for Development
The Baptist College of Florida