Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,
If you happened to have missed last Sunday at PHBC you may have missed one of the best services we will have in 2017.  We baptized Eli in the a.m. with an overflow crowd and had almost a full house Sunday night to hear Eric Smallridge (a man who spent 11 years in prison for a drunk driving accident that killed two teenage girls)   I will not be surprised someday soon to be told that God had called Eric into Evangelism.  He was an Evangelist last Sunday night.  He gets more professional every time I hear him.  If you were in the overflow in the social hall last Sunday morning watching the service from there, I apologize to you for not having more organization.    We will definitely develop a plan that when we experience an overflow there will be hymn books, offering plates, and coordinated sound and video.  But I sincerely appreciate those of you willing to give up your seats to our guests.  Remember this Sunday we are following up on hosting the Grady County Cancer Survivors with a testimony service for those who have survived caner and are willing to tell their stories.  Pray for them, remembers they are not preachers and some may be uncomfortable speaking in a public service.  April has two special dates for your planning.  Easter is April 16 with sunrise services, breakfast, Sunday School and Worship at 10:45.  Homecoming is on April 25 which is also our next Building Fund offering (the entire offerings on 5th go toward our Building Fund).  Please continue to pray for our Nation and if you watch your nightly news or read a newspaper you know our nation is in chaos.  One problem is that there is a group of anarchist that are determined to end the current president’s term with either a violent overthrow of the government or spark a communist/socialist  revolution.  Pray that not only will America turn around but that the turnaround will be followed by a nationwide Christian revival.  I know you are praying people because our Church would not be doing what we are doing without you spending time with our Lord in prayer.  Keep it up, I like it this way and I am proud that the Lord sent me by PHBC on my way to retirement.  God bless you all.
Charles R. Parker