Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,
What other Church has been flying kites on 3rd Sunday of March for over 50 years and this year may have been the best ever.  I don’t want to copy President Trump where everything has to be bigger than ever, but I believe the turnout for the kite flying and the Hamburgers and Hot Dogs was our largest group in my 6 years.  I know by the time I did the devotional after the kite flying was exhausted  it was our best crowd ever.  Thanks to all that made it made it possible by cooking and brings the condiments and to the memory of Granny Laura whose house and yard we freely used.  She would have been proud.  I understand pictures circulated on Facebook but not of the dads trying to get the kites out of the trees.  Remember Eric Smallridge will be with us Sunday to share his story of drunk driving that cost two young ladies their lives and his years in prison that could not bring them back.  You will be touched as you listen to a man tell of his destroyed life.  Lots of events are coming down the tracks like a freight train on us.  April 1 (Saturday) we host the Grady County Cancer Survivors Dinner, April 2 we have testimonies in the morning services from some who with God’s help have survived cancer, Easter arrives on 16 April (only 3 weeks away), and VBS starts June 4.  If you would like to volunteer to help in VBS Eleanor Lee has a place for you.  Sunday morning I will be speaking on the subject “Unbelief is not a decision, it is a Disaster!” I believe I can show you the reason our country is in such an unbelievable morass.  For instance, this week when a 14 years old student was raped by two illegal immigrants in Baltimore, the City of Baltimore voted to become a sanctuary city and the Superintendent of Education could look into the TV camera and calmly without any regret explain why an 18 year gang member was placed in a class for 14 year olds (to learn English).  In speaking of the sins of pagan Rome, Paul said (Rom. 1:25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator.  When Paul says CREATED THINGS he means all those things which we have chosen to put first place in our lives in this country.  Please continue to pray with me for our current elected leadership to be led by the Holy Spirit to turn our nation around and if God turn us around to also give America another great awakening.  I want our church to be one of the places it will start and let it be this Sunday.  Let’s walk hand in hand together into victory and if God choses not do it, then let’s keep walking hand in hand toward Him who will welcome us into eternity with Him.
Charles R. Parker