Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

God is good to PHBC.  We may not deserve all His blessings but when I walk into the sanctuary on Sunday morning to get wired up with the mike and see that building filling up like it did last Sunday I know God is doing something special for us.  I know numbers do not necessarily mean spiritual growth but without numbers spiritual growth is almost impossible.  God bless all of you for what you are doing.  As you know I preached last Sunday morning on Hell and had a long week’s fight with Satan before I could get the message delivered.  I don’t know how any Christian can doubt a real living Satan.  We have a lot of good things on schedule and we need a lot of Word of Mouth advertising.  You have a couple of months to line up your friends, neighbors and acquaintances to bring to VBS which is always a great week in our Church.  Then we have Eric Smallridge coming Sunday night March 26.  Every teenage driver and every soon to be teenage driver should be there and listen very carefully at a young college senior who was sentenced to 22 years for the death of two young ladies from his drunken driving.  Everyone thinks it could never happen to them which is exactly what he thought and he woke up in prison for a long time.  Don’t forget our Annual Kite Flying Sunday after the morning service.  This is probably the 50th anniversary of our church doing this.  Hamburgers and hot dogs plus what ever you bring is what we will be eating.  (Yes, we actually do go down to Granny Laura’s house enjoy an afternoon in the field).   Sunday morning I have developed a sermon on 5 Ways a Christian can Delight God.  After a afternoon kite flying I have a short devotional on Paul’s letter to Timothy when he knew he would never see him again and wrote him some directives for the Church at Ephesus.  Keep praying for our Nation.  If we were arrested as a Nation right now and taken to Court we would be set free from lack of evidence that God was the leader of our Country.  Pray for a national revival, it is your children and grandchildren that is going to have to live in the ruins of the former greatest nation on earth.  Think about what we are leaving them and you will pray.  I am proud that God sent me through PHBC for a time such as this.  The apostles are all dead, the disciples are all dead, so who is left to tell the world about Jesus.

Charles R. Parker