Charles Parker Weekly Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

What a great day we had last Sunday with our sanctuary overflowing again with a a fine  group that volunteered to watch the service from the social hall.  As you remember it was our 5th Sunday offering for our future building program and you broke the records again.  Our offering was just a few dollars under $41,000.  Is God good?  Someone has great blessings already underway from God for what you gave.  You continue to amaze me with your generosity that I know God always richly rewards.  A SPECIAL WORD FOR THE MEN:  Mother’s Day is just over a week away so get to town and buy something that will show your mother, and wife if you have been blessed with one, that you love them and did not need to be reminded by me.  Ms. Betty Richards will be our guest speaker on May 20th and I have asked her to tell her story about being at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  Very few who survived that day are still living and can tell the story.  I wanted her to come as close to Memorial Day as possible.  You  know America has lost the fire of patriotism that we used to know.  The price of our freedom was paid in the blood of the young men and women of our Country and we must not forget.  This Memorial Day I challenge you to go to cemeteries and put a small American flag on their graves.  Most veteran’s graves will be marked with a bronze pillar on the foot of their grave.  Show your appreciation for what they did for us.  Vacation Bible School is coming at us like a run away freight train.  Eleanor needs more volunteers, you don’t have to be experienced in VBS work, you just have to be willing.  June 3 through June 8 is our opportunity to reach many children and families who do not know the Lord.  If some live in your community please offered to bring them to Vacation Bible School.  My Sunday morning sermon is the 4th in my series of questions Jesus asked.  It is titled  ARE YOU LIVING FOR THE HERE OR THE HEREAFTER and the afternoon lesson is WHEN CHRISTIANS BACKSLIDE.  Now a political statement:  When I was growing up insane people were sent to Milledgeville or Chattahoochee.  Today they are sent to Congress or made federal judges.  If there is a septic tank in America, I can tell you where it is.  Please plan to meet the Lord on His day in His house and I will be there with you.  May God richly bless all of you and answer all your prayers.


Charles R. Parker

Vice President for Development

The Baptist College of Florida