Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

Another great day in the House of the Lord last Sunday.  The 3 day weekend hurt us in Sunday School as it always does but the spirit in the a.m. service was awesome.  Someone had been praying and the Holy Spirit was really with us.  Our VBS planning is already underway and if you have never worked in one of our Vacation Bible Schools and are willing, please see Mrs. Eleanor Lee at the VBS Planning Meeting today at 4:00 p.m.  and she will definitely have a place for you, previous experience not necessary.  We have Eric Smallridge scheduled to speak March 26 at 5:00 p.m.  You should have every teenager you can possibly influence to come and listen to a young man tell how he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for drunk driving that resulted in two young innocent teenagers in another car dying.  His story of the 11 years that he served can be very informative to young drivers.  I believe he was in his senior year of college when that happened ending all his future plans.  It is March so it is kite flying time at PHBC.  I remember when I can as interim and was told that on 3rd Sunday of March we flew kites at Granny Laura’s.  I thought someone was pulling a joke on me, who ever heard of a Baptist Church flying kites (even though I had been told by indifferent church members in other churches to do just that).  There will be hamburgers and hot dogs which will be much need by the fathers running across Jason’s front acreage  trying to get a kite in the air for a frustrated little guy.  Sunday morning my message is; We are Adopted Members of God’s Family, and Sunday evening Four Mistakes in your Bible.  I know you will be praying for these services so pray that God will give us a breakthrough.  I have been reading about the great revivals that have swept across our Country in 1734, 1800, 1857,1875,1905, and the awakening in WWII.  The same God that sent those great wakeups to our Country is still on His Throne. I believe He will do it again If WE WANT TO PAY THE PRICE IN PRAYER, PREPARATION, AND COMMITMENT.  Would you like to see it happen to PHBC and the USA.  Join me in asking for it every day.  Finally, don’t forget the time change (Spring Forward) March 12.  We have a place in Sunday School for everyone so please be in your place Sunday so Marty will not be embarrassed giving the Sunday School report.  God is so good, I can’t wait to see what He is going to do in our Church next.  I am glad you invited me to accompany you as we march hand in hand with Him.

Charles R. Parker