Charles Parker Update

Dear Pine Hill Church family,

Lots of you must have been praying for our worship services last Sunday morning.  I have never felt the presence of our Lord as strong as it was last Sunday.  I am very appreciative of those who made commitments at the altar and I believe in my heart that many timid souls must have made silent commitments in the pews.  It is wonderful to leave the services knowing God has spoken to our hearts.  Our country desperately needs a wake up call and I would love for it to start at PHBC.  We read in our American history about the great spiritual awakenings and how the entire country was called back closer to God.  Hebrews 13:8 says God never changes, the God that sent those two or three national revivals is still on the throne.  Would you ask Him to do it again and let us see our sinful nation called back to God.  I am afraid if we don’t do it, we may be forced to our knees by some terrible tragedy.  I don’t feel secure knowing that Iran, North Korea, and a couple of other rogue nations have nuclear devices and Iran or North Korea would use one without caring that they would themselves be totally destroyed.  Let’s just ask God who has sent great awakenings to do it again and do it soon.  Put time change on your calendar for March 12 (spring forward).  Do you know we are just six weeks away from Easter and we have not have Winter yet in our area.  Sunday morning I have developed a sermons titled ‘Why did Jesus go back to Heaven’ and Sunday evening we will visit the temptations of Jesus in a lesson titled ‘Can God be tested?’   Don’t fail to take advantage of our Wednesday night suppers followed by Bible Study and youth groups.  William and the ladies that work with the youth are doing a fabulous job.  Ask God to give us another spirit filled service Sunday and be there to enjoy it.  May God answer your prayers are we struggle in a world that Satan declared was his and that he had the power to give it to anyone of his choice (a hint about Sunday evening lesson). 

Charles R. Parker